Be frightened to navigation Jump to search This article is about the gambling call. Progressive Jackpots are usually the largest of any game.

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Accept Cards: casino jargon for kings, queens or jacks. Payout Table The catalogue displayed on the body or barrier of a slot machine or a video poker machine detailing the acceptable combinations or hands required to accomplish. Eye in the Sky: watches the action as the casino staff surveys the floor.

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Accept Cards: casino jargon for kings, queens or jacks. Boxman or Boxperson: Broker who supervises the bank at a craps game. Shill In gambling, shills are people hired to help allocate credibility to a game or a potential outcome without exposing their association to the casino or those administration the game. Recording in memory played cards usually high cards so at the same time as to establish a conditional probability benefit on the remaining cards against the dealer. Not allowed to enter the casino premises permanently. Bet: term designed for a wager on a casino amusement. Pay Cycle The statistical number of plays or spins a machine would have to cycle through to accomplish all of its winning and non-winning configurations. Crossfire: the dealers chatting it up about everything else but the live game in front of them.

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The gambling terminology on this page has been listed in alphabetical order. Bet: term for a wager on a casino game. This is done accordingly the pit personnel can easily add up them from a distance. Odds — Ratio of probabilities.

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