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We care about your privacy. He came into the marriage with only his computer, a backpack and a duffle of clothes. The lie will apt be that she was waiting en route for surprise you. Also my husband is saying that he is going en route for have me reimburse all the clandestine school tuition for my daughter so as to he paid, all the cost of the vacations we took, plus the legal fees he paid when my daughter's father and I went all the way through the custody arrangement.

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You should consider seeing a mediator who can help you reach an accord together. In short, hand the agenda over, get over it, and action on. Alicia's Question: His financial affirmation he filed with the court contains lies and my lawyer says it "doesn't matter what he puts arrange his financial affidavit". Marilyn's Question: Afterwards 24 years and four children, my husband has decided that he wants a divorce. I live in Additional Mexico. Can I give some of my money as gift to my family member? It could be your word against hers as to how it ended up with you. A financial affidavit is just his arrange.

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I have also made a business using these improvements. Brette: You're not compel to ship anything to him. A minute ago make sure your attorney has a clear list of what the accuracy is so he or she be able to prove those points. Cheryl's Question: My first husband died after 17 years of marriage.

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