Additionally be sure you watch your receipts, I have been double charged a number of times and received a credit for only one double accusation.

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When to Double Down

I want to win, this game should try to give something back, as a replacement for of taking all the time. I am deleting this app. I started to say, I find another amusement that fun to play and be calm but unfortunately all the game absent there are like you, out designed for the money, get them hook, acquire them to buy more coins. Nov 8, by Apolanco I just bought chips on this game to act slots.

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Be beaten lose lose. Might want to allow the tournaments go longer otherwise you have false advertising within your accept game. Following several interactions with expert support, I was assured the issues were being pursued and would be resolved soon. Issue I have is I feel the system is rigged to make the person feel affluent when they are winning then altogether of a sudden you go as of 20 mil keeping the same anticipate to 0. Problem with chips Apr 11, by Lapcat4 I had above a billion chips on my caller account which I downloaded for a period of time from free giveaways and fan page.

Pay Attention to the Rules

Appalling game play. They put on a great front as they donate the animal shelters what I feel is great but stop paying for chips as these people behind Double Along are making so much money. I gave up on this app above a year ago and have been playing four other Slot apps. The bonus feature uses a treasure box on the first reel.

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